Nov 19

Microsoft releases Windows Store for Business

Microsoft has announced that its first release of Windows Store for Business is available to organisations in 21 markets. Windows Store for Business is a web-based portal that IT decision makers, purchasers and administrators can use to find, acquire, manage and distribute Windows Store apps across their organisation’s Windows 10 devices.

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Jun 12

Microsoft releases new version of Windows App Studio Beta

Microsoft has released a new version of its Windows App Studio Beta. The release includes improvements to publishing apps to the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store, the addition of YouTube playlists as a data source as well as new photo layout options for data sources that include Instagram, Flickr, and dynamic and static collections.

Jan 29

Microsoft updates Windows Store on boarding and publishing process

Microsoft has rolled out some changes to the Windows Store on boarding and publishing process. Improvements include managing app availability in the Store and simplification of certification requirements.