LazWorks Doorkeeper

Do you ever struggle to find the button you need to push to open your CD/DVD drive door? If you do, then you may find the LazWorks Doorkeeper useful.

The LazWorks Doorkeeper runs as an icon in your System Tray. When you click the icon, it opens your CD/DVD drive door. Click it again and it closes the CD/DVD door. That’s all it does.

Hover over the icon to see which CD/DVD drive door will be opened or closed.
LazWorks Doorkeeper icon

Right-click the icon to access the simple configuration menu.
Doorkeeper configuration

The LazWorks Doorkeeper (LDK) is licensed on a “per device” basis. Multiple users of the same device are licensed to use LDK as long as each device has an LDK license.

LazWorks Doorkeeper is provided “as is” without any liabilities or warranties.

Support is not included.
However, reasonable effort will be made to answer questions which can be submitted by using the Leave a Reply form at the bottom of this page.

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