LazWorks Business Manager

The LazWorks Business Manager (LBM) is a low cost Excel-based system for sole traders or very small businesses offering products and consulting-type services to their customers.

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LBM is designed to manage your contacts, opportunity pipeline, service agreements, product catalogue and invoicing as well as recording payments, expenses and business mileage.

View the LazWorks Business Manager Demo slide deck for more information and screenshots of what the system actually looks like.

The LazWorks Business Manager (LBM) is licensed on a “per user” basis. An individual licensed user may install and run LBM on any number of devices.

Multiple users may operate on the same LBM files, as long as each user has purchased an LBM license.

LazWorks Business Manager is provided “as is” without any liabilities or warranties.

Support is not included.
However, reasonable effort will be made to answer questions which can be submitted by using the Leave a Reply form at the bottom of this page.

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