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LazWorks is the brand name for Louis Lazarus‘ freelance business endeavours.

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Service offerings

  1. Strategic advice
  2. Presentations
  3. Training
  4. Word and Excel automation.

Strategic advice
Take advantage of more than 25 years’ experience in technology and a variety of industry disciplines (Financial Services, Telecommunication, Media and Advertising).

  1. Help align technology programmes with business needs
  2. Establish programmes to maximise benefits from your technology investments
  3. Facilitate workshops and meetings.

For product and services organisations

  1. Provide advice on articulating your offerings in a way that resonates with prospective customers
  2. Build collateral to secure meetings, articulate the value of your offerings and define actionable follow up activities
  3. Secure meetings with senior technology decision makers in a range of companies
  4. Host initial meetings and help gain traction for your product and service offerings.

Deliver custom built presentations on a range of technology and industry topics.

  1. Customer events
  2. Industry events.

Develop and deliver training targeted at strategic consultancy or advisor roles.

  1. Base course adjusted to match your organisation’s goals for the service
  2. Short 1-2 day training courses delivered.

Word and Excel automation
Help you get the most out of Microsoft’s Word and Excel business productivity tools.

  1. Define Word templates to ensure formatting consistency
  2. Add automation to Word to improve productivity
  3. Design Excel workbooks and templates to meet your business needs
  4. Implement Excel automation to perform operations that are difficult to do with standard Excel functions.

Take a look at the LazWorks Business Manager Demo slide deck for an example of what I have done using Excel 2013.

Next steps
Please contact me for additional information or to engage my services.

Louis Lazarus
Independent Technology Strategy Consultant

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